Cayman Islands Condominium Rental

About Us

We first visited Grand Cayman in 1980, stayed in a condo for 3 weeks, got my dive Certification and got married. Then between work, family and a variety of life's other demands, never returned until 2008. Of course, during the ensuing 28 years much had been built and we feared that it would just not be the same. We were very pleasantly surprised to find that the basic quiet beauty of the beach area where we rented our first condo was exactly the same while at the same time offering much more in the way of conveniences within a short walking distance. Since then, when we returned we always rented in the same general area.

Then in January 2013, we rented Georgetown Villas 311. We had read some reviews that the unit was in desperate need of some TLC and upgrading but rented anyway. While that was true, we discovered an apartment that was perfect for us. We are outdoor people and absolutely fell in love with the way the layout opens to the ocean with full unobstructed panoramic views of the sea and sunsets from the large balcony. Then while there we found out it had just come on the market and jumped to buy it. Having refurbished and updated the apartment we Now offer to share it with you.

For the next several years we plan to operate primarily as a rental property. Deborah and I are both still active in our businesses, she operating her two Tango stores in Boston and me in my consulting work in China. However, when the urge for diving and/or beautiful sunsets hit we can hop down from Boston and enjoy the apartment when it is not occupied, a great compromise for our not-quite-yet retirement status.